The choice to become a Makeup artist is not so much hard as the actual journey to becoming a Makeup artist. It is an arduous process that requires a good deal of creativity and hard work. The start is slow but once you figure out your niche of the industry and put your best work out there, there is no stopping you.

You may be an expert at makeup on yourself and your friends, and sure your neighbor might ask you for the occasional touch-up but that will not qualify you for professional jobs. You need to get yourself trained and certified by a professional beauty school. Kulsum Parvez, India’s Favourite Make-Up Artist offers exclusive workshops and classes on all types of Makeup at her academy. From Self Grooming to specific Makeup looks like Bridal, the academy creates a flexible atmosphere for women out there looking to train as an MUA.

Once you are certified, you are out on the world but are you truly ready to apply what you have learned. Makeup techniques need patience and practice to be perfected. There is no substitute to practice when it comes to becoming a good MUA. Find just about anyone willing to sacrifice a few hours so you can better your work. Take as many jobs as you can handle.

Do a lot of research and try to emulate what other masters have created. Once you are confident enough, you can add your own flourish to create your signature styles.

There you are posting selfies and travel pics across your social media but those are not helping you any more than getting likes. Social media is a powerful and practically free platform you can use to market yourself. Create attractive posts on the services you offer and encourage friends and family to endorse and repost about you. The more exposure you create, the closer it will get you to a major breakthrough.

Find a mentor to coach you through the process of establishing yourself. Working or interning under a reasonably successful artist will lend you connections and leads that you cannot generate on your own. Kulsum Parvez Makeup Academy has a hands-on training program and the students get to work under the tutelage of Kusum herself. She believes in the personal touch and even has students intern under her watchful eye to give them experience in the real field.

The most important part is to constantly evaluate yourself. The seeds of becoming a makeup artist are to keep in touch with current trends and understanding the client’s requirements. Take refresher courses and Masterclasses to jog your creativity and learn new skills and you could be well on your way to becoming a successful Makeup artist.

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