An artist that adds a little more to the spirit of the event with impeccable makeup and an undeniable glow to the whole crowd, Kulsum Parvez never fails to outdo what is expected of her. Coming from a long line of perfectionists and achievers, Kulsum always sets the bar high for her future self, which she thinks is the most efficient way to keep the winning streak alive.

What feels like a lifetime in the making, the brand today stands with a firm foundation after being mentored and molded by sure hands of the MUA industry. Kulsum Parvez, fondly known as the darling of the industry, has grown to become the best in makeup artist in India, also stretching her limits overseas over time.

Walk out a confident belle!

Call it the walk of confidence, Kulsum Parvez will always be seen sporting a smile with her head held high. Long hours of work will still not beat her spirit. With vehemence and zeal, she takes up every event to be her own and works to give her best. Over the years, having worked with many clients and has won numerous awards, she has learned what it takes to do what she does best. She constantly reminds herself that every woman/bride wants to feel special and confident and that is what it takes for her to be the best.

Looks that will have people hooked

Having mastered the art of reading faces and adorning women with makeup that suits them best, Kulsum has a way of having people enchanted with her artistic abilities. Be it party makeup or makeup for special occasions like weddings, housewarming events, naming ceremony, she will leave one feeling unique and special. Having worked with fashion editorials and celebrities such as Virat Kohli, Lisa Hayden, Neha Dupia, etc. Kulsum has an impeccable record of being one of the best MUA artist nation-wide. Thanks to her quality of work, Kulsum’s good reputation has spread abroad. The last assignment was for an International wedding in Italy, talk about having a ball at work!

With an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing all her works, she also takes the time to do a little sight-seeing, sometimes with her family alongside. Click here to view some of her works on Instagram.

It’s all about keeping the good work going

Despite her busy schedule, Kulsum keeps it real. From managing her roles as a mother and as a top MUA, she does it all. Between flights and endless hours of flitting around, she makes sure she has the magic in herself so that she can add a dash of it while she styles women from all over the world.

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