Your wedding day makeup says a lot about you. And why wouldn’t it? One of the most important parts of your life must be nothing less than perfection. To get the trending look on for your wedding reception is quite easy! All you have to do is follow this guide for brides-to-be and nail our dream look with ease.

Classic belle

Wing it with the winged look! This can never go wrong and if you are hell-bent about getting your look right, this is a foolproof choice.

Rosy look

Add a pinch of pink and dazzle to your eye makeup and get this classic look to fit your perfectly. This look can never do any bride wrong because, currently, pink is an accepted tone for any complexion.

Dusky and proud

A mixture of smoky and bold, this look will turn heads. A creamier set of brides like this look who like to try bold new looks that aren’t conventional. But hey. If you like a look you will rock it either way!

A sliver of silver

If your jewelry is predominantly silver, adding some silver to your makeup will only complement your look.

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