It is not without reason that the elders said “The first impression is the best impression” and to add on it to it, it is the lasting impression you will make on many people. The art of self-grooming has been inculcated since childhood by family and teachers and it extends into our work as well. Earlier grooming meant being neat and clean and to wear clothes befitting the occasion.  Now, it has included beauty regimen as well especially for women.

Unless you are an exceptional natural beauty, if you are makeup free you tend to look frumpy among others who take the time and care to get themselves made up each day. Any workplace or personal relationship depends a lot on how you groom yourself. Considering you may not have been a fan of makeup so far, but you cannot deny the confidence and attractiveness that comes with it. You are a lady taking on the world with your best abilities, what should stop you from looking good as you do it.

Most women are conscious about their appearance and are quite adept at using makeup but not everyone is an expert. From everyday work life to attending weddings and parties, you deserve to look as glam as you can get. A lot of beauty schools offer crash courses on Self Grooming. You need to understand your body, hair and skin type to select the best course of styling for you. These Self Grooming courses take you through the basics of analyzing your body type and teach you how to dress up for various occasions as well as a good makeup routine for everyday wear.  Kulsum Parvez, MUA to the Celebrities offers a 2 day Self Grooming course at the Kulsum Parvez Makeup Academy. The short term course offers flexible and convenient timings for working women and covers a thorough study on the topic. The training is completely hands-on, under her able artistic eye with individual attention to each person’s needs. To enquire about the Self Grooming course visit

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