Make up for men may seem like something only celebrities do for appearances. However, the metrosexual look has caught on and men’s make up is fast becoming an everyday ritual. These tips will get it just right for you and are time-saving too.

  1. Eyes play an important part in making us look as young or old as we want. Use a fast-acting under eye cream to reduce bags and dark circles. This removes wrinkles and bags that take years off your actual age.
  2. Moisturize or use a hydrating serum before applying makeup. This preps your skin for the day and forms a base for your makeup.
  3. Use concealer on spots that you want to cover rather than a full face of it. Use a small concealer brush or your fingers will get the job done as well.
  4. Follow the concealer with a light foundation. Go for tinted foundations as they can add coverage without getting heavy.
  5. Always carry a lip balm. Apply lightly and blot with a tissue paper for supple lips that will add to your sex appeal.
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