Makeup is quite an art and it has a process much like anything else that we do. The correct order of makeup ensures a flawless finish and a natural look and feel to the skin. This article is a step by step on achieving the perfectly made-up face

Any skincare product you use like the sunscreen and moisturizer needs to be applied well before you start on the makeup.

The primer goes on first. Depending on your skin type you can opt for a mattifying or oil-based primer.  A good primer will hold your make up together and give you longer wear from it.

The foundation as to be of the same base as the primer for it goes on your face on top of the primer. It has to blend into the primer base.

Despite the coverage from your foundation, if you have any discoloration or heavy acne you will need a concealer to hide the spots.

The powder is a setting medium for the makeup. Dust some powder over the T-zone to soak up any oil.

Bronzer goes over the powder in order to define the natural contours of the face. Once you have applied the bronzer, splash a dusting of blush on the fleshiest part of the cheek to give your face some warmth.

Apply the eyeshadow and work it into the desired effect you want. The eyebrow pencil, liner, and mascara are always the last things to apply so that the other products don’t settle on the lashes and brows.

The final touch is the lipliner and lipstick. Add the color of your choice that best brings out your features and you are ready to rock the event or just everyday life.

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